How can I become a Lakeside Mason?

The candidate must be a man, free born, of reasonable intelligence, of good reputation, and of lawful age. These qualification are necessary to enable a man to be accepted as a brother, to take an active part in his Lodge, and to understand the meaning of the work.

He must apply for admission of his own free will. Masonry accepts as members only those who have conceived such a favorable opinion of the Fraternity and its ideas that they wish to become united with it in fellowship, and this desire should be for mutual intellectual, moral and spiritual profit, not for personal power or place, nor for business, professional, financial or political advantages.

The candidate must believe in a Supreme Being and in the immortality of the soul. Masonry does not inquire into the creed of a candidate or of a brother.

Masonry requires of its initiates that they bind themselves by solemn obligation to preserve its secrets, to follow its teaching, and to refrain from anything that would cast a slur on the Institution.

Petition For The Degrees – Front side (legal size)

Petition For The Degrees – Back side (legal size)

Petition For Plural Membership – front of form (Once elected, you would be a member of a least two lodges)

Petition For Plural Membership -back of form

Petition For Affiliation Membership (Once elected, you would be only a member of Lakeside Lodge only)


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