What Is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternal organization. It is believed to have originated with the craft guilds of medieval Europe and latterly, to have expanded to admit those who did not actually belong to the trade. The literal stone masons are referred to as operatives while those who did not actually work in stone were called speculative masons.


The Masters Word

Fraternal Greetings from the East. I look forward to serving the Lodge as Master for 2020. We will continue to work on improving the Lodge this year with our focus being on the entry and dining hall area.

WB Todd Pike
Worshipful Master

Become A Mason!

Masons are looking for men who wish to become better men, who are interested in giving back to their community and in self improvement. We welcome any inquiries concerning Masonry. Please call the Lodge phone at 425-746-8837 and leave a message, or submit your inquiry to our Secretary at: secretary@lakeside258.org


All Masonic in person meetings have been suspended until further notice by order of the Grand Master. Lakeside does have an informal Zoom Meeting every Monday at 7pm. If you would like to participate Please email our Secretary for an invite. We look forward to seeing everyone in person in the near future.

Lakeside is committed to providing quality content to men in search of knowledge and a deeper understanding of themselves.  As such, we engage high-quality speakers to speak on a variety of topics.  Our official monthly meeting is called our “Stated Meeting” and is held on the second Monday of each Month at 7:30 (except for July and August when we are “dark” and do not have an official meeting.) Social hour starts at 6:30. Stated meetings are Business Attire, so we prefer a suit and tie.  Only on our most important days are brothers suggested to wear a tuxedo.


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